Have a look at my (irragularely updated) Behance page here to see some recent illustrations and other artwork.

Besides my graphical work, making music and writing songs has always been a big passion.
I've been writing my own songs ever since I was 15 years old and performed with many bands.
I also wrote children's songs on request for different projects.

Click here to listen to some of the songs I wrote and recorded over the last couple of years as the Bob Love Triangle.

Click the songs at the right to access some instant noise.

The standard of grief (homestudio recording the Bob Love Triangle 2008)

Empty phrases (homestudio recording the Bob Love Triangle 2009)

You kill time (Band studio recording Suntripper) taken from the album 'Apology Business Centre' (CD 2003) Produced by Mladen Pavlovic with Suntripper

I fear tv (homestudio recording the Bob Love Triangle 2009)

Veel te veel van mij (homestudio recording demo for song on Ziziz 2007)

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